The Board Flippin' Legend JOSH BONE from Hull, England

Introducing Josh

I’m Josh, from Hessle and I’ve been skating for about 7 years, and skate most days with my partner Mais (@goofymais)

How did you get into skating & inspired by any skaters

I first picked up a skateboard as a child when my mate wasn’t going to be able to walk home from school with me as he was doing a skateboard class after school, I didn’t want to walk home without him so did the class in my school shoes, and uniform. I didn’t fall head over heels for it but it was enough for me to buy a board. I then forgot about skating as much and only when at college did I start skating again as a way to get to college when I had missed the bus.

My favourite skaters has got to be Chris Joslin, his edits make me want to skate now. But the skater who inspired me from the get go was Jonny Giger. He opened my eyes to the possibilities on flat ground.

About the skate scene in Hull and what do you love about it?

The hull skate scene has been going strong for many years, from the OG Scott palmer and mission impossibhull in 98’ (before I was even out the sack), to Paul Regan skating for Fabric skateboards and having a Berrics part. And now Regan is still pushing himself, opening @Quayskatestore in hull.

We currently have some amazing people in the hull scene, like Aaron (@hippyjumpeverything) who actually hippy jumped Steve-O, and Nathan (@labnathan) who has moved to Madagascar to open a school for SEN children. There is the 3 skaters Matt, Spen and Ellie who are on the @bungabledskateboards team.

What do you love about Rat Assed?

The quality, all of the clothes have been amazing quality, the people involved are top quality people. The clean ups they are involved in has really motivated me to join the cause.

By supporting charitable causes and actively participating in clean-up initiatives, the company not only benefits those in need but also helps create a more sustainable and cleaner environment for everyone. These actions showcase their values and dedication to giving back

It's great that Rat Assed cleans up oceans, donates to charity, and has a free-thinking attitude. Their efforts are helping the environment and supporting those in need, which is really nice of them.

Favourite strain

I am the most basic bitch stoner you can imagine, nothing but dawg. It’s like a religion to me


Josh and his partner Mais have been supporting us here at Rat Assed since the beginning, after Josh's luck was in and he won a hoodie in a giveaway, he's been copping ever since. We appreciate you both big time and are stoked to have you as the first Rat Assed sponsor. -  Adam